The marriage of Reiki energy healing and writing creates a solid path to letting go of the traumas of our past and creating the life we desire to live. I have used both in my personal healing journey and now I work with women to help them do the same.


What people are saying about sessions with me…

“Working with Elisabeth felt like going into a deep, loving meditation. I could feel her warmth and presence even through our connection on Skype. She also shared things she saw that were mirrors of my own thoughts and feelings, which was so illuminating and confirming. Felt super safe in her healing and capable hands. Highly recommend doing a Reiki session with her !”
Natalie Vartanian, Certified Life Coach / Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert

“Before I received Elisabeth’s distance reiki energy healing I was feeling unsteady and a little anxious about my life and business. Our session together was so relaxing and refreshing. She is incredibly gifted as a healer. After our session, it’s like I hit the reset button because I felt calm and confident. She is super attentive before, during, and after the session and I’m so grateful to have her supporting me with her radiant, healing energy.”
Sarah Grear, Los Angeles, California | www.sarahgrear.com

“It was a pleasure being introduced to Reiki work with Elisabeth.  She was very knowledgeable of the practice, answered all the questions I had, and made me feel very at ease.  She worked around my schedule, and the session was smooth with Skype.  My morning had been filled with chaos, and I almost needed to reschedule the appointment.  While she was working with me, there was a point at which I felt a very calming energy.  For the rest of my day, I felt like I was riding that wave of calm.  I can’t wait to try it again!” ~Irene R.

“I requested some distance Reiki from Elisabeth while I was sleeping one night. Gave her the time I’d be resting and everything, with a focus on healing and strengthening my joints. I slept very soundly that night, which is typical for me when I receive Reiki sessions and woke up feeling that comfortable, gentle adjustments had been made to the areas where I requested healing. I went to bed in mild pain and woke up without it! Thank you Elisabeth, for your powerful work.” ~Irina