elisabethThere I was lying on the table with my pants down around my ankles. He walked over to the bar and took a swig of his beer. I cried and left. The next day, the news around work was that he vanished. That was the only clue (at the time) that I knew he did a bad thing.

I tried to make amends with my intuition but she hopped a red-eye to the Riviera. She did, however, leave me a note:

You’re on your own kid. For your sake, I hope you get your shit together sooner than later. ~I

There I was hurting from the inside out. Raw. Aching. Unsure. And now, alone. Very much alone. So I walked alone, down every alley, into every bar and into the bed of any (almost any) man who would have me. In my mind, I worked it out that if I was in charge, if I controlled the play by play, then it was OK. I was acting empowered. I was making the decisions. I was a strong, healthy woman able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. That was as far away from the truth as you could get and still call the Milky Way home.

For a few more years, I continued my stumble around men and barstools, until the not so coincidental moment, I heard the phrase – You create your own reality.

Those five words opened a whole new path on my life journey. Not only did I begin to understand how my thoughts worked with or against me, but I also began to learn about energy and how it can heal. I got my hand on every book, webinar, program and tip from every teacher I heard about. I knew that one of those teachers had the magic fix to make me whole again. I tried everything, and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, but the one thing that felt like home was Reiki. The energy of Reiki has helped me burn through the hurts of the past and ride the waves of the future.

I help women who have experienced sexual assault or domestic abuse burn through their hurts of the past and ride the waves of their own future. You no longer need to hide away and live in the shadow and shame of your abuse. You can stand strong, hold your head high and lead the life of your dreams.

With Reiki, I heal different parts of me every day. I am never 100% healed but I am 100% better than I used to be. I will be your partner on that healing journey. I promise to meet you where you are and work with your own innate energy to help you along your own unique healing journey to your own powerful, magnificent, luminous YOU.