The Union of Reiki and Writing

When I look to define anything in my life, I start with the dictionary. Well, now I look to Google. Reiki is no different for me, and when my computer screen showed me this definition:

a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being

I couldn’t help but think I was reading about writing.

unionWriting as a healing technique? Yes, I said writing.

Haven’t you ever kept a diary or journal? Didn’t you feel at least a little better after emptying your soul onto the pages? Haven’t you ever written a letter to someone and felt relief after ripping it to shreds instead of mailing it?

I suggest that the pen (or keyboard) is the therapist channeling energy into the patient via the paper (or monitor) to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

That’s right. Writing is healing.

But what if I combined writing and Reiki? That was the question I asked myself a few years ago. How would that work? What would it look like? Honestly, it could be anything I imagined it could be.

I played with everything:

I did Reiki on my journal pages.

I did Reiki on my Morning Pages.

I wrote and answered questions to help me go deeper into my blocks and pains. Then I did Reiki on myself and answered the same questions to see what had shifted.

I wrote letters to past hurts, did Reiki on those letters and then burned them.

You name it. I tried it. And you know what? Each and every action I tried, resulted in some kind of shift toward healing.

And now I’m taking my Reiki and writing out into the world and so was born Wild Elemental Reiki.

I am excited about the journey ahead that intersects Reiki and writing and I thank you for joining me on this journey.

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