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What is it like to have a session with me?

Just because life hurls fireballs of shit at you, it doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. Life does happen. It’s not just some trite bumper sticker to cover your wounds. It’s a reality. But, and that’s a giant BUT, you can stand up and meet it eye to eye and tell it to take a long walk off a short pier… AND you don’t have to do it alone.

I did it alone for years and it’s no picnic or walk in the park. I will be your companion on this part of your journey. I’ll help you slay those dragons, shoo the monsters from under the bed and evict the Boogie Man from your closet.

What does a session with me look and feel like, you may wonder? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to paint your face in blue warrior paint like an extra in Braveheart or drop and give me 100 push-ups in preparation for an epic battle. While every person is different, I know you will feel relaxed, refreshed, calm and so much more!¬†

Let’s be honest, those feelings are the origin of healing. When you are relaxed and calm, you open up and let the healing in to do its work. You may feel warm, tingly sensations or tears rushing down your cheeks. Maybe your healing starts with giggling and big belly laughs. There is no right or wrong way to feel or experience the Reiki energy, but it all does add up to relief.

How would you like to work with me? Skype? In-person? 1-hour? 90-Minutes? Scroll down and make your selection. Then hop over to the Book Now page to schedule your session.


Reiki Relax Session
1 Hour | $100

Soul Deep Reiki
1.5 Hours | $135

A Month of Relaxation
3 Hours within 1 Month | $275

Empower Your Soul Reiki
4.5 Hours within 1 Month | $350

Call to Your Muse Reiki & Writing
1 Hour | $130

Connect to Your Muse Reiki & Writing
1.5 Hours | $165

Healing Dance with Your Muse Reiki & Writing
3 Hours within 1 Month | $375

Healing Exploration with Your Muse Reiki & Writing
4.5 Hours within 1 Month | $450

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Phone: 702-787-0953